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Outreach, Admissions &
Career Transition Services

DESI's Outreach, Admissions & Career Transition Services Division is responsible for helping youth across the United States embark on meaningful careers and fulfilling lives. For almost 30 years, DESI has worked with young people ages 16 to 24 years old seeking an alternate route to meeting their educational and career training goals.

On the front end of the process, DESI Admissions Counselors educate communities about the benefits of Job Corps. Interested youth and their families are invited to tour Job Corps centers and see what the program is all about. Potential applicants are interviewed to determine their eligibility and suitability for the program. Admisssions Counselors continue to work with applicants throughout the enrollment process, continuing contact well into their time on a Job Corps center.

DESI Career Transition Services Specialists work with Job Corps students to not only enter into gainful employment upon graduation from the program, but to make a successful transition to an independent living situation after leaving the Job Corps center. DESI Career Transition Specialists meet with students throughout the program, helping them set and attain their professional and personal goals.

DESI OA/CTS currently serves youth in the states highlighted in red below. Please click on the map to learn more about DESI's OA/CTS activities in your region.